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With the population of the world especially India on a big rise, the South-Asian nation is set to dominate the world's economy in the coming years for sure. Trade is of paramount importance if a country wants to prosper and develop. A country will not be able to move forward without the development in trade.

India has recently signed up agreements with many countries for promoting and increasing trade. The UK is one of those countries with whom India has greatly strengthened its trade relations, and that has led to significant flexibility in trade laws for the UK in India. This has also acted as a piece of good news for the Indian residents living in the UK away from their home for sending goods to their friends and family in India from the UK.

There are a plethora of cargo sending options available for those intending to send cargo to India. It depends on the customer to decide which option is the best for them but cargo companies offer different prices and services to attract potential customers.

This huge variety of options creates massive confusion in the minds of customers as to which courier company they should use for transporting their consignments. We've been in this situation before too and that is why CouriertoIndia was created to make this decision-making process easy for your sake, so that you're the one that benefits the most by getting the best deal when transporting goods and other consignments to India.

1. Cheapest Way to Send Courier to India

A number of methods can be used by a customer to send a courier to India. The most convenient and hassle-free method would be to use a dedicated courier amenity, which has the sole job of delivering your cargo to its intended destination in a village, town or city of India all the way from the United Kingdom. Plenty of Indians (more than a million) live in the UK these days. So, they use many services to send their couriers to their beloved families and friends in India.

In the event that you look for the ideal organization to take your dispatching to India in the most ideal manner, CouriertoIndia is here for you. With thousands of satisfied clients, we are the perfect consignment sending service to India for you, and our popularity keeps improving due to the variety of options we facilitate our customers with. We have all the cheapest ways available to send parcels to India easily in a quick time.

CouriertoIndia prices are extremely affordable for all customers. We also have categories of your cheap services. For example, our sea cargo service is the cheapest service we have especially if your consignment contains items in bulk size and weight. We also have many other amenities which are extremely cheap when compared to other competitors.

2. Pick Up from All UK & Delivered to All India

It is of no significance to us whether you send the shipment from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen to London, Manchester, Birmingham and any community in the UK, CouriertoIndia gives a pick-up for £5 which implies our agents will pick the stuffs from your entryway and take it to our office where the things will be repackaged in our office building and from that point on, the thing will be moved to your preferred goal in India. The entirety of that is supplied by CouriertoIndia.

3. Drop off to any of our branches

If you don't want to pay an additional 5 quid, then you have the option of dropping your courier off to one of our offices by yourself. In that way, you will save your money but we will still charge a handling fee in order to comply with the international shipping standards the packages are adequately packaged and sealed according to international shipping standards.

4. What Items Can I send

You are allowed to ship family unit stuff, garments, coolers, toys, chocolates, dry natural products, hardware, kitchenette machines and numerous different utensils by utilizing our service. You can likewise send records, letters and other significant papers to India by utilizing our conveniences. We ensure that they will stay sheltered and secure during their transportation procedure.

5. Send Documents

If you're in urgency and want to send some documents or letters to India so that they can get there very swiftly, you can also do so by using CouriertoIndia. We have a dedicated document forwarding facility which ensures the privacy and protection of your documents while the deliverance is being done to the documents' respective Indian destinations.

6. Air Cargo

If you are seeking the fastest mode of sending your courier and other consignments to India, you can do so as well via CouriertoIndia. We are the finest courier postage to India business in the UK. We provide a great air cargo amenity, which ensures a delivery within two weeks. Our prices are unmatchable and our amenities for those prices are what make us really good as freight service.

7. Sea Shipping

CouriertoIndia also offers ocean consignment shipment. We are the number one cargo facility for sea courier shipping. It is allowed to post all kinds of items either in small or in a large size when you use CouriertoIndia amenity. Our sea cargo rates are the most economical of all the amenities we provide but this service takes a minimum of three months and a maximum of four months to distribute the items, and the delivery time is also directly impacted by the customs clearance.

8. All Oddly Shaped Items Sent

If your intention is to distribute items that can't exactly fit in a box properly and they are shaped oddly, you can send those via CouriertoIndia. We have a specialized packaging for commonly sent items which are shaped oddly, so you can be sure of their delivery and safety when you use our service.

9. Delivery Times

The time we take for delivery is very different and fluctuates accordingly, which is directly proportional to the service which you avail. For our ocean freight and air cargo, the rates are quite different, and so are the delivery times. Our airmail delivers courier to India in 10 to 12 days, whereas our other shipment which goes by sea reaches India in 3 to 4 months. You can choose any depending on the money you possess at that moment and the period in which the distribution should be made. We've got a swift consignment delivery with serene efficiency, so we're here to ensure that the deal you get from our portal is the best one that is available.

10. Customs
For simple household items except for electronic products, the only custom duty you will be bound to reimburse is £1/kg custom fee imposed by the Indian government. So, all items that go through the customs are charged an additional £1/kg custom duty, and then the items will be let through. For electronic appliances, an additional duty based on their value is deducted, and this amount is charged for all electronics being sent to India.

11. Shipping restrictions
You can transport a lot of items by availing the services of CouriertoIndia but there are still many items which are not allowed to be transported. The type of boxes used is also of importance, and wrong boxes have a chance to be confiscated by the customs. Food things, liquids, liquor, scents, batteries, lubricants and medicines are not permitted to be transported anywhere using a cargo facilitation.

12. How to Use Our Service?
You can use our services by visiting our website. In order to secure a quote price for your courier, just enter your details like item dimension, weight and your location. After you receive the sample price, you will then be given the option for purchasing that package. You are not obliged to use our services, but if you closely see our rates, it's a steal when you realize that these prices are as inexpensive and reasonable as paralleled to those prices which some of the other cargo facilities offer.

13. Special Offers for Business Customers
We have special offers for businessmen, which depends on how many goods they want to transport and how often. We offer incentives and discounts based on the weight caps, so you'll definitely enjoy our services if you're a businessman and want to transport many kinds of items in a large quantity.

14. Packing Services
We do the honour of packing your stuff on our own, and for that purpose, we charge a one-time courier management fee of £5. When we charge handling fees, we also check for the legality of items, and if they're up to the mark, we clear them for further transportation.

15. Cheaper than Using Royal Mail
Courier services are getting cheaper and cheaper with each passing day, and traditional companies like the Royal Mail have started to look expensive. CouriertoIndia also provides better services, quick delivery time and great customer support, and all of that at a comparatively cheaper price to Royal Mail post.

16. Cost of Sending Courier to India
We have differing rates for our services to India. For ocean freight, we charge an amount of £3.5/kg for our sea transport with a weight cap of 30kg. The delivery time for sea courier takes between 3 to 4 months. For air cargo, we will successfully distribute your courier shipment in 10 to 12 days at the cost of £5/kg. This amount does not include the duty which is taken by the Indian government custom office for an additional 1 pound per kg regardless of the kind of item which is being transported.

17. Comparison with Other Courier Services
If you compare our facilitation with other courier services, we stand tall at the top of every chart. We are the perfect organization for you in case you're searching for a decent arrangement to utilize CouriertoIndia services to dispatch your assets or other stuff to India from all towns, villages and urban communities of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. With so many satisfied customers, CouriertoIndia stands tall as the best courier company there is in the United Kingdom. Feel free to get in touch with us for your queries. We're always available for you whenever you need us.


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